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Installing VM/370 on your Windows PC
  1. Download Hercules IBM/370 emulator here.
  2. Download Hercules GUI interface here.
  3. Install first Hercules, then the GUI.
  4. Decide which VM/370 you want to use. As of 18 Apr 2003, there's two of them, both available from http://www.cbttape.org/vm6.htm
    1. VM/370 R6 distribution prepared by Bob Abeles.
      This one is the original version. The Readme file is provided at CBTTAPE site. I have added some extra notes to the original Readme file, based on my experience with installation. Here's an updated Readme. (My additions are in italics).
    2. VM 4 Pack System by Andy Norrie.
      This is the updated VM/370 - the installation includes command line history recall and number of extra files, such as compilers.
      To install it:
      • Download and extract; http://www.cbttape.org/ftp/andy/VM4pack.rar,
      • Load the .CNF file into your Hercules GUI and click "Power On".
      • Quickly (this is essential) open your TN3270 program and connect to localhost 3270. You have to attempt the connection before VM 4 Pack finished booting - otherwise all you get is empty screen.
        If everything works ok, you will get the lovely "CHANGE TOD CLOCK..." prompt.
      • From here, you can follow from the step 10 in Readme file.
Good luck and enjoy the VM/CMS!