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Me and VM/CMS

Me and VM/CMS (from a post in H390-VM group)

This group has a lot of members, but I am thinking that many more of former VM people would be happy to join, if they only knew about Hercules & VM/370.

I am speaking from my experience. I first encountered IBM/370 and VM/CMS back in 1988 and it was love at first sight. I've spend all my days in front of the monitor, leaving the computer lab as late as midnight. I've written tons of REXX programs and always had ideas for more.

As years went and I transfered to different colleges, I've managed to keep my VM account, wherever I went. Then the fatal year 1993 came - I graduated and my VM account was closed.

From that day, I've been struggling. I admit that newer systems like OS/2 and Windows9x had their charms, but they could not replace VM/CMS in my heart. I kept looking for REXX and XEDIT clones and used them under every OS.

For many years, I thought that VM access was just a memory, could never happen again. Yet, last week, without much hope for success, I've searched Google for "IBM emulators" and found Hercules.

Now, I have VM/370 running on my PC. I realize that it's an old version and lot of works needs to be done, but this is beside the point. The point is, I am back in VM! I've returned home, I have found my roots.

I wonder, how many more former VM people have lost their way. How many lost hope that they could ever lay their hands on VM again.

Maybe, if there was a way to reach them, this group would have not 660, but 6600 members ? And the development of VM/370 would surge ahead by leaps and bounds ?

Just rambling, I guess. I am just so happy to back in VM world!



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